Friday, July 10, 2009

The Right Fit

Drinking my coffee this morning (no amount of cream and sugar could make this coffee taste good...YUCK!) and checking my email I came across an article in the Stamford Advocate regarding a local band which at the moment I can't remember the name of, but hopefully by the end of this posting I will have remembered.

This was a band from just outside of Connecticut in a town in New York. The article didn't get into detail as to how they made it to where they are today, but they were lucky enough (and good enough from what I hear) to be opening for Better Than Ezra last night at Alive @ 5 in downtown Stamford. I've been living in Stamford for almost 5 years now and I still have not made it downtown for the weekly Thursday night showcase that happens throughout the summer months.

What I'm trying to get at is this...

Local original music is definitely not dead in this town and it surprises me and makes me happy to know and finally realize this. What I took from all this is although the barriers and walls are all around a musician just starting out in this town and this area, there still is a chance the right path can be found or blazed with determination.

Now that I got that thought out of my head and onto paper...

Looking back at my previous post, and being a bit of a blog novice I am feeling a bit limited and freed by this blog all in the same instance. Having never done this before I don't know what the "protocol" is or what I should or shouldn't say, and yet I feel like I can say anything that I want. This internal conflict energizes me and excites me to want to blog more and more.

Now that I got THAT thought out of my head and onto paper...onto "The Right Fit"...

Searching around this area for bass players and keyboard players and drummers and lead guitarists and fiddle players and kazoo players and the like is quite the daunting task. To find the right person, one who has the same ideals or who is into the same music, and one that enjoys playing the same music that you do has proven to be a lot harder then I ever imagined. I was lucky enough to find a drummer right from the start that basically wants everything that I want. He likes some of the same music that I do and yet brings other music to the table that I wasn't necessarily avoiding, but probably wouldn't have ever thought to bring to the table. I do the same for him as well. It always leads to great rehearsals and great conversation after our rehearsals. I know it's cliche but I guess the best advice I could give to myself would be to just stick my nose to the grindstone and keep posting those craigslist ads, keep chatting to as many people as I can about the band to try and gain some interest, keep playing out as much as we can even if we don't have a full line-up and keep posting those Audition Flyers at all the local music stores and grocery stores and on any and all bulletin boards around town. That is the only advice that I can give myself.

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