Monday, December 24, 2012

A Reflection on Newtown

December 22, 2012

I want to do something. I want to helpease the pain of everyone I can. Every time I see the face of alittle one it reminds me that we all need to hold our loved ones alittle closer this year, and every year. Hold them close and tellthem “I love you”. In a time of so much pain and unbelievableheartache I feel a bit helpless but want to try and do all that Ican. We all must come together and show our love, support, andcompassion for one another.

On our way into Newtown, I wasn't surewhat to feel and didn't know what to expect. When such a sereneplace is turned upside down it makes you wonder how much faith youcan put into humanity.

My first impression of Newtown wasabout how much of a quaint little town it was with little mom and popshops lining the streets and it reminded me a lot of some smallVermont towns I used to visit growing up there.

The amount of support this communityreceived in the wake of such tragedy is something that I will neverforget. Flowers, teddy bears, candles, pictures, Christmas Trees,banners, poems, some from as far away as Hawaii, filled thesidewalks. I'm thankful that I was able to support the communityhowever I could and decided to get a hair cut as I was welloverdue for one.  Many of the children got their hair cut at Fun Kuts so I was happy to see all of the money raised by the Fun Kuts “Cut-a-Thon”went to those in need in the community.

It was such a powerful experience andI'm glad I had the chance to go and pay my respects to a town andcommunity that lost so much but has somehow found a way to standtogether. Together we all stand with you Newtown and Sandy Hook.

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